Juliet, a testimonial

I received this note today, from a participant at last year's workshop: "I remember last year's love letter workshop...and I am 100% convinced that love letter is what propelled her to keep dating me...That was a really interesting and fun workshop Smudge, and you're a really great instructor, and you helped me dig out and … Continue reading Juliet, a testimonial

Lefty Smudges is on a crusade, of love.

It's that time of year again - time to send out a whole lot of love. Lefty Smudges Valentine Project 2016, has her teamed up with textile artist, Paulina Szczesny (psletsdye.com) to create a card that is as textured and beautiful, as the love we believe in. This year's project involves three love letter writing … Continue reading Lefty Smudges is on a crusade, of love.