My name is Allyson Proulx, aka Lefty Smudges.

I am a self-taught, professional, multimedia artist and writer currently visiting K’jipuktuk (Halifax), following a two-week artist residency on Great Island, Nova Scotia. 

In winter 2018-19, I applied to (and was awarded) a two-week artist residency at Great Island Arts in Nova Scotia (June 22-July 5), and acceptance into the foundation year art program at Yukon School of Visual Arts (starting Sept.5, 2019 – I just received conformation of my class registration and schedule!!). In order to generate both financial and personal support for these educational endeavours, I offer my audience the opportunity to stay in touch, and follow along with what I am learning through a mail art project entitled Alone, together. 



During the residency, when in studio, I spent my time working on two temporary wall installations, collage, zine making (as storytelling), stationery, and always, writing – the participants of ‘Alone, together’ are the recipients of it all. I didn’t know it when I started, but this project is the best fuel for creative expression – I turn everything I am experiencing into pieces I can mail away; I carry each person with me, and know that I am never alone. 

Great Island Arts asks non-indigenous artists to critically engage with their presence on the Mi’kmaq land they occupy; Yukon SOVA requires students to understand the history, culture, and journey towards self-determination of the Yukon First Nations (Tr’ondek Hwech’in community).

I begin my journey back to London, Ontario, and then up to Dawson City soon. I look forward to what the rest of the year will bring in terms of education, creative expression, relationship to land, and the people I meet along the way…

If you would like to support me in these endeavours, if you would like to participate in what I am creating, please join Alone, togetherThis project is the most personally impactful, and direct way for people to support both me and my art. 

You can also make a donation to help me along my way, via paypal and e-transfer (leftysmudges@gmail.com). The cost of living in the Yukon is considerably higher than anywhere in the south of Canada. I need to find ways to feed and house myself each step of the way…

Third, you can contact me personally to commission/purchase art work. Please visit the ‘Artwork’ page on this website for examples of the work I can do. 

I’ll be writing letters, playing with paper, and checking my email for the rest of the day.

Chi Miigwetch.