Lefty Smudges


My name is Allyson Proulx. I am left handed. Lefty Smudges is the name I gave my practice eight years ago when I began. My work depicts tangible communication; exploring it’s impact and relationship to loneliness, acknowledgement, flirtation, and honest representation of the individual.

In the last eight years I have worked with London Arts Council, London Public Library, London District Catholic School Board, ANOVA Women’s Services, Arcane, and Ellipsis Digital, among others.

My work has been shown at DNA Gallery, Forest City Gallery, TAP Centre for Creativity, Good Sport Gallery, and Fibrafusion Lab. I have created public art installations for Dundas Street Fest, Nuit Blanche London, Jam Jam Festival, River Rock, River Fest, and UnPlugged Music Festival.

In 2019, I began my biggest and most personal project to date, Alone, together.