Lefty Smudges


My name is Allyson Proulx. I am left handed. Lefty Smudges is the name I gave my practice seven years ago when I began; I began by making a valentine that I had planned to send to the many friends I still sent correspondence to each year, and then asked an individual if they would like me to send that valentine to someone for them, on their behalf – they said yes. I asked another individual, they said yes too. And so, Lefty Smudges began. I have created numerous opportunities for myself and my community to explore human relationship through written correspondence ever since.

I ran an mobile ‘post office’ for years (all the props are with me in my studio still, to do it again if need be). Bringing the experience and impact of writing, and mailing a postcard into the streets where it was accessible to everyone – postage included.

In 2015 I created a 365-day project whereby I created a postcard, front and back, photographed it, front and back, and posted the picture on Facebook, twitter, and my blog (#dailysmudge), everyday for the year. I have all 365 postcards in my studio too. I had a gallery show with them once, and it was beautiful. Tactile, intimate, 3-dimensional.

This year, I began my biggest and most personal project to date. Alone, together is a daily correspondence project whereby I directly correspond with individuals on a specific mailing list, artist to audience. A specific mailing list, a specific process of communication, a specific pace – the speed of a letter.

Please enjoy your time on this site. Take your time, look around, read up.

Thank you.