CBC Radio London

The Londoner – March 2018

  • London Free Press – She Follows Your Instructions to the Letter (May 2015) – 

  • National Post – The Language of Love (Feb. 2015)

  • LondonFuse – Lefty’s Love Letters (Feb. 2014)

  • The Londoner – The Art Of The Love Letter (Feb. 2015)

  • The London Yodeller – Put Down The Cell Phone And Pick Up A Pen (Feb. 2015)

  • LondonFuse – Interview With Allyson Proulx (Nov. 2014)

  • LondonFuse – You Gotta Meet Allyson Of Lefty Smudges (2013)

  • Metro London – Think love is dead? Then you need London’s Lefty Smudges (Feb. 2014)

  • Metro London – Join the brightest night in London: Nuit Blanche (June 2014)

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