My name is Allyson Margaret. I am named after my maternal grandmother, Margaret Parkinson, she is the woman who taught me to crochet when I was 10 years old. It is through her that I trace my artistic lineage. 

I was a reader and writer from a young age, keeping journals and frequenting libraries all throughout my childhood. It wasn’t until after my father passed away in April of  2011 that I began calling myself Lefty Smudges as an artistic alias. I started my practice by making cards that individuals could hire me to mail on their behalf.

In 2015 I committed to a 365-day project in which I made a postcard (front and back, from card stock) and then photographed it and posted it on facebook, twitter, and my blog, each day.  I had my first solo show with that project. – hanging them all from the ceiling made for an intimate and tangible piece.

This year I began another year-long project (that has already turned into something with legs longer than 365-days) called Alone, together. See the page of the same name on this website for more information, but just recently I heard from one of the recipients, and they wrote: 

Your letters have brightened my days, brought many a smiles to my face and even given me a reason to believe further that we can connect as humans on a truly authentic and real way. With all the social media, lights and daily hustle, your letters allow me the time to slow down and be present. So thank you so much, truly.

My birthday is June 25, 1978. 

The link below takes you to my artist CV

Allyson Proulx aka Lefty Smudges

Here are pictures of what I look like on the outside:



Email leftysmudges@gmail.com for inquiries.

Click here to follow along. 

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