Allyson Proulx aka Lefty Smudges

‘Wanna play paper?’

‘What a lot we lost when we stopped writing letters.’

Beginning her career in art, with a background in theatre and literature, Allyson is slowly constructing a considerate practice, endearingly named, Lefty Smudges. Playing with paper, collage, print, and ink, playing at running her own post office, Allyson uses Lefty Smudges as a tool to generate community engagement, and to keep the conversation, experience, and depth of human relationship found in written communication, happening.

Current projects:

This is a Writing Prompt: I Need You To Write Me, 2018 – Return Address: 999 Lorne Ave. Upper London, Ont. N5W3L5 – Instagram


This Is A Post Office @ Grand Theatre, London, Ont., Jan16-Feb.3 – World Premier of ‘Silence’ by Trina Davies – Facebook Page




London Artists’s Studio Tour –  First time participant, Apr. 20-22, 2018 Studio Tour Website




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