Alone, together


“The work is not a nostalgic turn to forgotten times; instead I see it as a committed approach to attend to the messy, entangled times we live in, both alone and together. I am grateful [Allyson] keeps showing up and inviting us into a heart and mind that is liminal and loving.” – Tammy


“I absolutely love sending and receiving letters to/from you! It’s one of my favourite parts of my life. It’s just different and exciting and that’s part of what i’m looking for. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.” – Lindley


“Your letters have brightened my days, brought many a smiles to my face and even given me a reason to believe further that we can connect as humans on a truly authentic and real way. With all the social media, lights and daily hussle, your letters allow me the time to slow down and be present. So thank you so much, truly.” – Beck

Nothing about this is immediate.

As an experiment in generosity and relationship, I began ‘Alone, together’ in January of 2019. Participants choose to enter into conversation with me via mailed correspondence for the duration of 365 days. 

With a current involvement of 52 people, ‘Alone, together’ is proving a powerful tool as we navigate the relationship between artist and audience, and explore the duality of communicating individually (they with me), while simultaneously forming a larger community in the process.

Read this CBC article from March 2019, for more details.  

(The project is currently closed to new participants, but please follow along with my work on Instagram).