Alone, together


Alone, together. A 365 day mail art project.

This 365 day project is going to touch so many people at exactly the right moment they need it. And share what we all strive for…to give more than we receive; to support each other; to connect and thrive in community.   — Jan.9,2019 Recipient

Dear Reader,

In order to nurture thoughtful relationship, magic and generosity,  I am writing a letter and getting a mail art package together, everyday, for 365 days straight – and then I’m mailing it to someone. Today is day 63. So far, I’ve written 49 people, in 16 cities, in 4 states,  and 4 provinces, and 5 different countries.

I am asking for public participation in the amount of $100 per individual/mailing address. Direct purchase: to be the recipient of said letters and mail art packages. Indirect support: to validate the value of creative energy, the cost of postage and supplies, playing an active role in supporting creative work.

20 people have joined me in this way already, and I am able to accept a few more. My aim is not about how many people I can write, but rather, to create depth of relationship with each person I do write. Email:, if you are curious, considerate, generous, and able.

It was there, unmistakably thoughtful, in a pile of flyers.  — Jan.7,2019 Recipient




Documentation for the project includes:

A daily ledger. I am keeping a detailed ledger with the date, name, and address of each person receiving that day’s package. I use the back of the book to keep track of those that have bought in. That last list is becoming my roster – people and names I can pull from, and think about, each day.




Photocopies. Right now, I am making photocopy documentation of everything that goes into the packages, including the envelope itself, at the library. I then keep these photocopies in a file folder, with the date and name attached to the file. The documentation will remain my property, and I reserve the right to use it in the development of future work.



Photographs. It is the nature of this project (and me as a mail artist) to carry the packages around with me for a few days until I can mail them. First, they need to be documented. Second, I need to ensure they have proper postage. Third, some letters are best left to marinade and settle before you mail them. I will be carrying the packages around in my ‘mailbox backpack’, and the photographs aim to anthropomorphize both the backpack and the packages with captions like ‘Out for a walk with Jan.10,11,12.’ or ‘On the bus with Jan.16,17,18.’

These photographs will also document the date and mailbox that each package goes into.






If you have any questions, or know you are ready to participate, please email: