Alone, together

This is an experiment in magic & generosity.

Dear Reader,

What would happen if I started writing people letters again, like really? What would it look like if I documented my life and experiences in mail art? What kind of modern day relationships could we create if the way we built those relationships involved the post? 

I started by writing to someone each day, calling the project ‘Alone, together’. And then, I opened it up to the public…

The work is not a nostalgic turn to forgotten times; instead I see it as a committed approached to attend to the messy, entangled times we live in, both alone and together. I am grateful [Allyson] keeps showing up and inviting us into a heart and mind that is liminal and loving. – Mar.23 recipient

For a $100 sum, interested persons are added to my address book, and mailing list, for one year. I have committed to this as a daily practice, in a year that sees me travelling to Great Island, Nova Scotia for an artist residency, and up to Dawson City, Yukon to begin a foundation year art program in September (see my home page for more information). My mailing list is who I am working for. My mailing list is full of people who are funding and supporting these dreams into reality. It’s a beautiful thing between an artist and her audience… 

Linked here is an article Sofia Rodriguez wrote about ‘Alone, together’ for the CBC. This article was written in response to my having written one of their journalists as part of the project itself, and I include it here as a well-written document on the impact this project can have. 

Forty beautiful people signed up for the year running January 2019-December 2019. I closed off that subscription, but have opened up another running July 2019-June 2020, and I am able to accept another 40 people here (I have 8 so far). If you would like to join this intimate community of curious and generous, creative and considerate recipients, please email me at

I’ll be working in my studio, and checking my email for the rest of the day. ❤ 


This 365 day project is going to touch so many people at exactly the right moment they need it. And share what we all strive for…to give more than we receive, to support each other, to connect and thrive in community.’ — Jan.9,2019 Recipient

P.S. As the artist, I have complete creative control over what I send. ❤