Alone, together. For 365 days.

Alone, together.

A 365 day mail art project, by Allyson Proulx aka Lefty Smudges.



Mail art packages containing a hand written letter and current work, including drawing, prints, hand made books, collages, and whatever else the artist chooses to include to round out the package, will be created daily for the period of 365 days (Jan.1,2019 – Dec.31,2019). These packages will document the daily life of the artist. In a year that will include travel, moving, a studio tour, art school, and more, these packages will visualize the growth and development of her writing and art making.

As a practice this project will reintroduce ritual, and connection through correspondence to the artist’s daily life. She will use this project to think of one other person, beyond herself, each day. She will use this project as a means of generosity, by giving of herself and her work to another, and by receiving the financial support of those who choose to participate.

Each person to receive a package will belong to the community of 365 people that will bear witness to it’s evolution, and connect with the artist individually.


A photocopy of each item included in the packages will be made, and kept in a folder. A ledger will also be kept with the date, the recipients name and address.

Photo documentation will include locations where the art is being made, and the mailbox that each package goes into. These pictures will be shared here, and on Instagram @ Lefty Smudges.

The focus of the artist will remain on the packages themselves as documentation, but the supplementary pictures will help visualize the movement of the project each day.

How you can participate:

The artist will have her own list of people to write, but the public can also participate by purchasing a daily package. The cost is $100. You can contact the artist directly via email ( to inquire, and have a day that is all for you (ie. today is your day).

(The artist will use this money in the creation of more work, and to support her artistic community. She will use this money to keep a roof over her head, and food in her belly.)

In the first three days:

In the first three days, the artist has gotten packages together to send to New Zealand, Brooklyn NY, and a fellow artist in her city. The packages have included a collaborative drawing, personal drawings, monotype prints, a hand bound book, a zine, and a hand written letter in each one. There is no limit to how far the packages can go, nor is there a limit to the creativity they will inspire.





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